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Socialstrip report



Socialstrip by Rino Daidoji 29.July-31.July 2016

It was very first time for studio 2.0 to have a theater play event.  Rino, who is one of founder of FaiFai- Tokyo based contemporary performing art theather, gave us a shock.  ” Theater performance in the 21 century shouldn’t happen just only in the theater. Anywhere can be… like in the bath tub, too ?! ”

Socialstrip Rino

Rino made this story from her memory when she had decided to move to Italy. And she wanted this happened in her room actually , so she was looking for a place was not a theater.  She made up her room anywhere filling up with her clothes, bags, dolls…

socialstrip bangkokThe things made us excited were not only her play but also lighting, movies and interior done by her experienced technical team. They made up this small gallery space as a mini theater using very minimal equipment. Look at this mirror ball lighting. Simple but beautiful!



The performance was very new for us. She talked about her ex boyfriends through those clothes she was wearing and took off and change one and another. And we traveled with her memories in Berlin, Tokyo, and Bangkok… Her emotional performance made us up and down with her!


Thank you for this unforgettable experience. For those who missed this time, please come some day in the future!