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boy Attic x ditto scarf exhibition report

18/ May/2017


Scarf designed of hair for designing hair.
We produced scarves especially designed for hair. The dimensions too are perfect to fit people of all shapes and sizes of head and hair.  So you can wear it very easily like your own hair.

High tone colored hair is a motif for a scarf. Having tone hair color is generally challenging. You can wear this scarf as if you did some point hair color. This is a fun and new way of arranging your style of hair with scarf.

This vivid and soft high quality silk hair scarf can be your new fashion item. You can sometimes wrap around your neck or wear it like a belt like. This is the new type of a hair item designed by hair stylists from boy Tokyo.


It was very first time that boy Rikyu (Bangkok) and boy Attic (Tokyo) worked together.  The art director, Kaori who designed these scarf came from Tokyo and we set up together. Plants were key items for display to match with scarf design.  It was very beautiful exhibition. For those who missed, we kept some scarves here at Rikyu.