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Kouji workshop by Keiko


Kouji workshop

Kouji is Malt and there are various Japanese traditional condiments using Kouji such as Shio Kouji ( Salted Rice Malt ) and Shouyu Kouji ( Soy Sauce Rice Malt ). Keiko is a specialist of Kouji. She is 20 years experienced cook from Japan and now She lives in Chiang Mai with her be loved family having the restaurant called Studio 3. She makes all these Kouji seasonings as well as Tofu and Natto in Chiang Mai.

In this workshop, Keiko will teach you What is Kouji and how “ Kouji “ is good for our health. And we will make various dressing mixing her Kouji seasonings together and make some salad and pickles sandwich and soup! Let’s eat healthy lunch together.

Please hurry up for a reservation! There are limited seats. (About 10-15 seats)

Date and Time : 22 March 2017 ( Wed ) From 10:00 am
Place : Studio 2.0 ( Rikyu’s gallery 2F)
Workshop fee : 2000B  ( we will prepare all cooking tools and text in Thai and English for you! ) pay at door

For reservation: call 02-115-5778 ( Rikyu ) or email : info@boyrikyu.com

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